Big Blog, Little Blog?

September 7th, 2004

Not long after my post about trademark and localization policy I received a message noting that the post might make sense to Mozilla insiders, but was opaque to others. The suggestion was made that I include history and perspective in such posts so that people don’t end up thinking “what is she talking about?”

I have to agree that the email author was right — the last message was intended for the Mozilla community, and the localization community in general. I thought about trying to add the background that would make sense for those not already involved, but decided just to get the post out there. I suspect this will be an ongoing tension. A post that provides the history and background of an issue takes a lot longer to write than one with a much more narrow focus. It also makes for a different sort of blog, generally more formal than the norm.

Overall, I agree it’s good to do this. Or at least, someone should do it for the Mozilla project. And I’m as good a someone as anyone. So I’ll try.

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