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Erroneous Press Article

November 6th, 2004

I see that Red Herring has an article based on an interview with Bart Decrem. I am astonished at the content of this article. Let me give a few specifics.

The entity calling itself “” is not a for-profit spin-off of the Mozilla Foundation. I repeat, not. The Mozilla Foundation does not have a for-profit spin-off. The entity calling itself is not a spin-off of the Mozilla Foundation in any sense. It is an independent organization, not a part of the Mozilla Foundation. Whatever dreams the entity calling itself has for making money are not the dreams of the Mozilla Foundation. The entity calling itself cannot be an extension of the Mozilla Store.

I am deeply distressed by this article. It does not accurately represent either the actions or the dreams of the Mozilla Foundation.

Update: It looks like Red Herring has moved the article. And the website for “mozsource” describes the relationship between that entity and the Mozilla Foundation. So it looks like the chance of confusion has been alleviated.

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