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Firefox 1.5: Better Than Ever

November 29th, 2005

Mozilla Firefox has changed the web. Firefox 1.5 continues that path. Firefox is changing the web by providing an innovative product that is worthy of people’s trust and by bringing consumers the respect we deserve.

People should be able to enjoy the power of the web without becoming experts in Internet and software technology. Firefox makes this possible. Firefox is easy to install, intuitive to use, and remarkable in its ability to bring people the complexity of the web through a comfortable interface.

People should be able to enjoy the power of the web without feeling abused or that our computers are out of control, and while enjoying serious protection against unwanted intrusions. Once again, Firefox delivers. Firefox provides a world where pop-up windows are almost non-existent. A world where one’s computer doesn’t seem to running wild. A product with multiple layers of defense against unwanted intrusions.

Already millions upon millions upon millions of people have moved to a better world by choosing Firefox as their web browser. Firefox 1.5 provides even more reasons to do so. Firefox 1.5 builds upon the great features in Firefox 1.0, offering even better pop-up protection, security and privacy enhancements and usability improvements. Firefox 1.5 also introduces a new mechanism through which Firefox can both alert people when a security or other update is available and also make it much easier for people to install important updates.

Firefox is exciting because the Web is exciting, and Firefox 1.5 shows the Web at its best. With Firefox 1.0 we inaugurated a set of search plugins to make search functionality even easier for people to use. We’ve heard over and over that people love this feature. With Firefox 1.5 we’re beginning a new search relationship with Yahoo in Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea as part of our strategic goal of helping people access a range of quality services through Firefox. Versions in these languages will have a Firefox start page powered by Yahoo and Yahoo as the first search option. Our search partnership with Google continues in the Americans and Europe. We’ve also added as a search option in the English language, U.S. version. We’ll continue to focus on making critical activities such as search easier for users in the future.

The Mozilla project creates Firefox because an innovative, trustworthy browser is critical to protecting the usefulness and health of the web. Firefox is the result of thousands of people who contribute their time and energy to demanding the best possible browser of ourselves and then making it happen. Some are employed to do this, some are volunteers. Some contribute through code, others by testing, others by encouraging people to try Firefox. Many, including the readers of this post, contribute by following the Mozilla project. Enormous numbers of people take it upon themselves to understand Firefox, to help others understand how easy and worthwhile it is to try Firefox, and to assist the project in innumerable ways. Together we create the product consumers both need and deserve: A product that respects the human beings that use it, harnesses the power of the web and gives people extraordinary choice in their online lives.

Firefox 1.5 is better than ever. With Firefox, the World Wide Web is better than ever. If you haven’t tried Firefox, now is the time: If you know people who haven’t tried Firefox, now is the time to help them to a better web experience:

Enjoy the web. Feel protected. Get Firefox.

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