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Reflections on 2007

December 31st, 2007

As we come to year-end, I’d like to note that we’re exiting 2007 in great shape. It’s been a good year in general, and a lot has come together in the last couple of months. The Firefox betas are exciting, at both the platform and UI levels, as well as the quality, documentation support and associated areas. We’re actually using automation to build them, rather than just wishing we could. The visual team is getting the touch for doing exciting things in the product pages in a way that reflects Mozilla (dare I say, robot, fun and Mozilla). Labs is active, mobile is growing. MailCo is moving forward. Mozilla projects like SeaMonkey, Camino, Bugzilla, Sunbird and Lightning are healthy and active. Mozilla continues to represent much more than software — the images from Korea make this clear.

We’re doing more things, and all of them deeply rooted in Mozilla’s open-source DNA and collaborative workstyle. The number of people using our flagship product Firefox regularly has doubled this year. We’re supporting over 125 million people with Firefox alone. We provide them a world-class experience based on the organizing principles of participation, shared decision-making and transparency. People around the globe have made Mozilla their own, making us a truly global phenomena.

2008 is Mozilla’s 10th anniversary year, and I’d like 2008 to be the year of Mozilla. I hope to see us celebrate what the web has become, what it can be, what Mozilla has done and Mozilla’s future throughout the year. I don’t have or know of specific plans yet, but that’s what 2008 is for!

In the meantime, 2007 has been another astonishing year for Mozilla; let’s be sure to pause and enjoy it for a moment.

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