Final (??) version of general 2010 goal

December 18th, 2008

Based on Tuesday’s discussion, I settled on keeping the goal itself general, not specific to Mozilla, and then refering to Mozilla specifically in some of the subpoints.

Goal: Make openness, participation and distributed decision-making more common experiences in Internet life.

  • More and stronger Mozilla communities practicing these values
  • Mozilla experiences increasingly applicable to topics such as the open web, hybrid social enterprises, organizational sustainability, shared decision-making, individual control, and portability in Internet life
  • Innovations emerge from varied sources
  • Projects and products based on these values — at Mozilla and elsewhere — become increasingly vibrant
  • Leadership through excellence, technical and otherwise
  • Creation of open content becomes easier

One comment for “Final (??) version of general 2010 goal”

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    Sheral Wooden said on January 7th, 2009 at 1:18 pm:

    I am having a hard time keeping a logon I have also had a identity theft problem.No words can express my feelings on this whole issue.I’ve done police reports ,credit reports and put alerts on my accounts but I feel like their winning.Taking my whole life right out of my hands.These people are brutal planned and executed I rented a room with 3 room mates they knew me, before I even moved in. I didn’t figure it out till over a yr. of living in this residence.I wish I could warn the world of just how intent these criminals are.I’m lucky to be alive.Now how crazy is that.I pride myself on honesty.

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