EC: Let’s Talk Principles

February 24th, 2009

We’ve had a reasonably full discussion of the harm to browser innovation and competition caused by Microsoft’s activities. It’s time to turn to the question of an effective response from the EC. There’s already been a lot of back and forth on possible remedies, but I’d like to start from a different point.

Let’s start by identifying the principles that might underlay any potential remedy: What goal, or principle, do we hope a remedy accomplishes?

Actual remedies can then be derived from these principles. Any remedy is likely to end up being complex, detailed, perhaps procedural, and a topic of long discussions between the EC and Microsoft. We won’t all be able to be involved in these discussions, even if we have the time and focus. We can however, articulate principles that we believe a remedy should meet, that the interested lay person can understand, and that we can use to evaluate the remedies that are ultimately crafted.

I’ll identify some potential principles in my next post.

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