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Mozilla Drumbeat Festival: Barcelona Nov 3 – 5

June 24th, 2010

Mozilla has always been about building openness, participation and individual empowerment into the infrastructure of the Internet. Our products are very powerful ways of doing this.

Mozilla Drumbeat is a new initiative for people who want to use the open infrastructure of the Internet to bring openness, participation and individual empowerment to other aspects of online life. One such area is education and learning. We know that the Internet can make new types of learning possible. It’s also an area where individual empowerment makes a lot of sense – so many people are eager for education but don’t have good options within the existing systems.

Learning, Freedom and the Web
is the theme for this year’s Drumbeat Festival, which will be held in Barcelona Nov 3 to 5. Take a look, and if you’re active in this area please do let us know.

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