Mozilla in the New Era

December 28th, 2011

Over the summer and fall I wrote a set of posts about how Mozilla’s mission is leading us to develop new offerings and new ways of bring user sovereignty and freedom to online life.

My colleague David Ascher has written a piece which I find to be a nice summary of these goals. I’m planning to write a summary next year, after some discussion of user data, so I was very pleased to see that David has done so now. It’s a week or 10 days old, but if you haven’t seen it already it’s a nice, personal voice thinking about Mozilla in the new era.

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    Jeffrey said on December 29th, 2011 at 1:11 pm:

    Mozilla should try to literally “make a better internet”. I mean remake all the infrastructure, technology and specifications. Right now media industries and governments are tampering with it. It needs to be more tamper proof. Internet infrastructure is way more important than social networks, mobile operating systems and even browsers.

    There should be no Great Firewall of China, no DMCA takedown notices on Google results or for that matter Youtube or any other site. Also, thanks to the popularity of routers with ISP’s these days plus the shortage of IPv4 address, there’s no longer any end to end connectivity between users. Then there’s the threats to network neutrality, the throttling and overuse charges. The internet as we knew it has mostly gone away.

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