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Reinventing the Web

November 15th, 2012

The Web has become fundamental infrastructure of modern life in just 20 years. Today, we see how the Web can make yet another leap in its usefulness, fun, business opportunities and social benefit.

Imagine the richness and freedoms of the Web seamlessly integrated with mobile devices. Imagine that experience is awesome and it’s awesome whether you use an app for a special task or use the browser to find your own path.

Imagine acquiring an app and having it run across multiple devices, whether or not all these devices come from the same vendor. Imagine being able to choose when it makes sense to interact with the app provider directly or instead through Apple, Google or Microsoft.

Imagine having a choice about who controls your identity. Log into a site and have everything you’ve done on the web available to the world? Or log in and have information you consider public to be available to the world?

Imagine have a sense of security about your online environment — who’s watching you, who’s selling information about you, who’s protecting you and how you can protect yourself.

Imagine understanding the Web, feeling competent to make things, to change what exists and create things that meet your particular needs. Imagine where Web literacy is fun, and extends beyond to citizens as well as hard-core programmers.

Mozilla is building this world. We have the vision of this world, the architecture, the technology and the product plans. We’re building these products now. We have the financial resources to support these efforts. This is an exciting and very productive period. Please explore this year’s Annual Report to see what we’ve done and what’s on the horizon. Please join us in building this world.

Mozilla Foundation IRS audit now closed

November 3rd, 2012

In 2008 the US Internal Revenue Service opened an audit of the Mozilla Foundation. I’m happy to note that we’ve settled the issues raised and the IRS recently closed the audit. We entered into a settlement, under which the Mozilla Foundation paid the IRS US $1.5 million.

As a result of this settlement, $15 million in funds we had held in reserve pending the resolution of the audit are now available to support the Mozilla Foundation’s mission to support innovation and opportunity on the web.

I believe this to be a very positive result. We will now go back through the various documents and will have more details on this audit to share in the future. I expect to do so before the end of this year.

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