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Interview Technique

October 12th, 2007

A lot of my classmates at the trapeze classes are ex-gymnasts. I was talking to one ex-gymnast the other day about work topics. She is one of only a few classmates who also work in the Internet industry, in her case at a big well-known company that has e-commerce, search, portal-like activity, etc. She said her group has been trying to find someone for a specific job for so long that she feels that interviewing for this job is basically a permanent part of her job. So she’s trimmed her interview style.

According to my classmate, gymnasts have a very simple way of interviewing each other. Maybe there’s a hello and an exchange of names, but there’s really only one critical question: “Hi. What can you do?”

She says she’s adopting this model, and getting some revealing responses. I’d love to be the proverbial “fly-on-the-wall” for those interviews.

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