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7 Years of Firefox

November 9th, 2011

We build Firefox to build freedom and excellence into the web.  We build Firefox to make sure that each person can be sovereign over the technology he or she uses to interact with the web.   We build Firefox to combine user sovereignty and freedom with a great product experience that enriches web life.

We launched Firefox 7 years ago to make these goals real.  We started with the browser because it was the single greatest point of leverage.  At that time the existing browser provided neither user sovereignty nor high quality product.  We do both.  Mozilla is astonishingly successful at the browser layer.  We proved that the conventional wisdom of the time was wrong.  Browsers do matter.  People will notice.  The dominant commercial player need not be in control forever.  Something better is possible.

Firefox remains different from other browsers.  Everything about Firefox is designed to make sure that Firefox never has more control over your life than you do.  We design Firefox to provide a great experience, and many of the features look similar to that of other browsers.  Look deep into the product though, and you’ll find the utter commitment to the individual being more important than us, more important than our control or our convenience.   You’ll find an utter commitment to the good of the web as a whole.  We’re organized as a non-profit precisely to  allow us to focus on these commitments.

There is more to do.   There are new Internet experiences such as mobile, identity, sharing and data control.  Each of these areas needs a product that combines user sovereignty and a great product experience.  Each needs a product build to ensure that the product never has more control over your life than you do.

This is a big challenge.  It’s our future.  It’s as important as ever.

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