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September 21st, 2004

Bart’s recent blog post asked for comments about the homepage, and so here are mine.

I disagree with the view that “the primary purposes of the homepage should be (1) to generate Firefox downloads and (2) to direct people to the information they are looking for on our site.” The homepage is the main view into the Mozilla project. The Mozilla project is bigger than the Mozilla Foundation and bigger than Firefox downloads. I believe that should reflect this.

End user adoption is obviously a critical factor in the success in the Mozilla project and I totally agree that we need to need to make it easy and desirable for end-users to get Firefox. New end-users are coming to Firefox in record numbers; we should celebrate this success and maintain a strong focus on the end-user experience.

But Firefox is an appealing product because it is an active project with a vibrant community. I am uncomfortable with a home page that doesn’t reflect this.

It may be that the changes Bart has proposed are exactly what I would do with the page if I were designing it and that we agree on the specific look for that makes sense today. I’m not trying to design the page; I’m not the right person for that. But the homepage I would like to see will reflect a broader view of the Mozilla project than Firefox downloads.

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