Demographic Moment #2 — Blizzard Comes to Visit

March 9th, 2007

Chris Blizzard was in town last week and came to dinner. Chris has been active with the Mozilla project since the very early days. He somehow convinced Red Hat to pay him to work full time on Mozilla way back in 1999 and has been involved since. Chris stopped working on code a while back; he was one of the original Mozilla Foundation board members, and is now a Mozilla Corporation Board Member.

Chris is also deep into the One Laptop Per Child project, working primarily on software aspects. Red Hat supports Chris in this work — kudos to Red Hat!

Anyway, Chris was in town so he joined us for dinner one night. Here’s what it looks like when Chris comes to visit:


Yup. That’s 4 people (including one 8 to 10 year old) and six — count ’em, six — computers around the dining room table. As you can see, the OLPC sample was warmly received.

(For those interested, here is demographic moment number 1.)

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