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Project-Wide Activities

April 16th, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, I informally asked Mozilla Corporation employees what types of work they do that are “project-wide” or not related to Firefox. Here’s a summary of the results.

  • IT Support and Build
    • Hosting of tinderboxes for all Mozilla projects, including Thunderbird, XUL, etc. This includes both application and server support.
    • Support, hosting and maintenance of basic infrastructure — IRC, Bugzilla, CVS, etc. for all Mozilla projects.
    • Provision of ftp services for many of the other projects — often a large amount of traffic that would be cost prohibitive to any of the smaller projects.
    • Support of the community giving network, which hosts infrastructure (Bugzilla, localization) for a range of projects, including Seamonkey, Camino, etc. Build, development and production machines as well as network capabilities are hosted, in both the San Jose and Amsterdam locations. For example, in Q1 2007 the build team spent a good deal of time to get community build Macs set up for each of the Seamonkey, Camino, and Sunbird/Lightning teams.
  • Thunderbird: build, release, QA, marketing, PR and a range of other activities.
  • Web Services: supports extensions for Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey, and Sunbird.
  • Talkback support for Thunderbird, Sunbird, Camino and Seamonkey. This includes the creation of reports for new releases as well as server and symbols management work.
  • The Community Giving program has provided support to the calendar and Bugzilla projects as well as the Oregon State Open Source Lab.
  • The Mozilla Developer Center includes content and documentation for a range of technologies; including XUL platform documentation to help XUL developers.
  • General module owner activities relating to code review and patch management.
  • Mozilla Store operational support.

I doubt this is a conclusive list. Even so, it gives an idea of the types of activities beyond Firefox that happen on a daily basis.

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