Governance and Module Ownership

May 30th, 2008

At the end of March I made a proposal about updating the way we manage the health of our module ownership system. I’m happy so say that the proposal has now been implemented. Specifically this means:

1. We now have official modules — currently known as Activities Modules — for non-coding activities.
2. We now have a Governance module (owner: Mitchell Baker).
3. We now have a sub-module of Governance for Module Ownership (owner: Brendan Eich).
4. We now have an official Planet Mozilla module (owner: Asa Dotzler).
5. The long-standing web page listing module owners for code modules has been undated to also point people to the Activities modules.
6. The Activities modules are described and listed on
7. The policy governing module ownership has been updated to reflect the creation of the Module Ownership module.

Thanks to everyone involved, and special thanks to Mike Connor for jumping up and down until I got this underway.

2 comments for “Governance and Module Ownership”

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    nivash said on June 1st, 2008 at 10:43 pm:

    Its great for firefox to set the new guiness record. Open Source Rocks!
    Let’s keep the enthusiasm wild.

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    […] Governance and module ownership As part of the Mozilla Project’s ongoing efforts to manage and maintain the health of its module ownership system, Mitchell Baker posted a proposal in March for updating the way that system is managed. That proposal has now been implemented, and Mitchell has posted the details on her weblog. […]

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