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Why focus on data?

July 22nd, 2008

I’ve said in a previous post that I believe Mozilla needs to pay attention to the amounts and types of data that increasingly define the Internet experience.    I’ve even created an outline of  different topics relating to data that I think should be part of the discussion.  Why is this?

Principles 3, 4 and 5 of the Mozilla Manifesto state that:

3.  The Internet should enrich the lives of individual human beings.
4.  Individuals’ security on the Internet is fundamental and cannot be treated as optional.
5.  Individuals must have the ability to shape their own experiences on the Internet.

These principles are at risk if individuals have no  control over the creation or use of the data that describes us.    These principles are at risk if we sit back and hope someone else addresses them.  We need to build them into the Internet.

What can and should Mozilla do to help people be safe and in control of their online experience in the midst of this rising sea of data?

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