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Integrated Revised 2010 Goals

January 5th, 2009

Here’s what I believe to be the final, consolidated set of 2010 goals. Let me know if you think there is some big issue I missed.

1. Make openness, participation and distributed decision-making more common experiences in Internet life

  • More and stronger Mozilla communities practicing these values
  • Mozilla experiences increasingly applicable to topics such as the open web, hybrid social enterprises, organizational sustainability, shared decision-making, individual control, and portability in Internet life
  • Innovations emerge from varied sources
  • Projects and products based on these values — at Mozilla and elsewhere — become increasingly vibrant
  • Leadership through excellence, technical and otherwise
  • Creation of open content becomes easier
  • The web becomes the primary development environment for applications

2. Make the explosion in data safer, more useful and more managable for individuals

  • Products offer people realistic options for understanding, managing, combining, sharing and moving data created by or about them
  • People expect the ability to understand,access, manage, combine, share, and move their data

3. Integrate mobile into one unified, open, innovative web

  • Make the web experience on mobile devices exciting and enjoyable
  • Products:
    - demonstrate the power of the web as the development platform
    - accelerate innovation from multiple sources
    - delight users, attract developers
  • New web standards are for all devices, not segregated into mobile-specific or “web” standards.

4. Reinforce Firefox’s role as a driver of innovation, choice and great user experience

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