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Describing Mozilla

May 27th, 2009

I am regularly trying to describe the nature of Mozilla — why we exist, what our goals are, how to think about Mozilla, why Firefox is a means rather than an end, etc. A few weeks back I put together some new ideas. The slides are not polished. They are the background for trying out the ideas. I like some of the ideas though :-). You can find the slides here or at the Mozilla Library.

Please help me design my business card!

May 22nd, 2009

I’ll be ordering new business cards shortly. I want to use the back side of the card to test out ways of describing the Mozilla mission. The front side with have a Mozilla dino head image. I’ll probably put a Firefox logo on the back because so many people I meet recognize Firefox but not Mozilla. Next to that I want to put a short, pithy statement that goes way beyond our products. I’d like to either capture our mission, or spark a conversation that allows us to describe the mission. I’ve put a few possibilities below. I am looking for other ideas.

My examples will be in English, but I’m also interested in good ways to express key Mozilla concepts in other languages as well.

  • building opportunity into the Internet
  • public benefit internet
  • Building the Internet as a global public resource
  • opportunity for all

Policy for Source Code Commit Access

May 21st, 2009

I’ve proposed a change in the current policy for how we grant commit access to the main Mozilla source code repositories. The details are in the mozilla.governance newsgroup, which can also be read through a browser at

Feedback welcome in the newsgroup or here.

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