5 Years of Firefox in Amman, Jordan

December 1st, 2009

I was lucky enough to be in Amman near enough to the 5 year anniversary of Firefox to join in the 5 year celebration. 20 or 25 people got together in a art-house environment (old building for Amman, refurbished as art studio / hangout / gathering place) to celebrate.

The organizers talked a bit about the activities of the Mozilla Club and the Open Source Association at the Jordan University of Science and Technology. Then we had a discussion about Mozilla. I gave a brief intro for those who weren’t so familiar with Mozilla, or who are familiar with the products we build but not why we build them. Then we had lots of questions. The questions were fun and sophisticated and wide-ranging.


After cake and photos and mingling 5 or 6 people hung out for coffee and tea and we had a classic couple of hours of talking tech and getting to know each other. It was great fun to see some of this small group get to know others for the first time, and set about exchanging contact info and knowledge. I found a sense of humor that I understood completely. (For those in Amman, can you identify the source of this quote: “Can I talk about myself some more now?” )

Many thanks to everyone involved. I was honored and had great fun as well.

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    […] Mozilla主席米歇尔在她的Blog上,发布了《约旦安曼Firefox的5周年》: 我非常幸运,能在安曼参加Firefox5周年纪念日活动,这次活动在一个art-house(安曼的一个老建筑物)的环境下举行,大概有20至25人聚集在一起,庆祝这个纪念日。组织者讨论了一些关于约旦科技大学Mozilla俱乐部和开源协会活动。然后我们一起 讨论了有关Mozilla情况,我也为那些不太了解Mozilla的人做了一个简单的介绍,同时也向对我们产品比较熟悉的人介绍了我们为什么要建立它。然后我们讨论了很多问题,这些问题都非常广泛和有趣。然后我们一起分享蛋糕以及合影。5-6个人一起闲逛,喝咖啡和茶,一起聊天,互联了解彼此。感谢所有相关的人,我很荣幸也非常有趣。 […]

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    Ashraf said on December 9th, 2009 at 4:04 am:

    It was amazing having you here Mitchell 😀
    and yeah i can talk more about myself 😉

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    Mohammad Yaseen said on December 9th, 2009 at 10:07 am:

    Hey Mitchell
    It was such a great opportunity to meet you
    You are always WELCOME

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