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Firefox 4 — More Than a Great Browser

March 22nd, 2011

Firefox 4 is here! If you’re not using Firefox 4, go grab it and see how exciting the web can be.

Firefox is a great browser. Fast, sleek, and full of features that make the online life better — App Tabs, Panorama, Sync, Do Not Track, HTML 5 features, and more — all focused on respecting individuals.

Firefox is also much, much more than a great browser. Firefox is a big part of how we build a web that is fun, powerful, trustworthy, and fundamentally about empowering individuals to shape our own lives. Firefox is created by a non-profit community precisely to build these values into the fabric of the Internet. Firefox marries public benefit, non-profit goals with great product and technical advances.

Firefox is also a community; a community dedicated to building the web the way it should be. A community ensuring that technical excellence serves individual empowerment and public benefit.

Firefox represents a state of mind; a state of mind that asserts that people matter, that individuals can make a difference, that we can create as well as consume, that we can build a part of the Internet that belongs to all of us.

And of course, Firefox brings open source, cutting-edge technology and great user features to hundreds of millions of people in over 80 languages, based on openness, transparency, and empowering local communities. Check it out and get involved!

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