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Final (??) 2010 goal for data

December 18th, 2008

Here’s a slightly revised version, based on the Tuesday Air Mozilla / IRC discussion.

Goal: Make the explosion in data safer, more useful and more managable for individuals

  • Products offer people realistic options for understanding, managing, combining, sharing and moving data created by or about them
  • People expect the ability to understand,access, manage, combine, share, and move their data

Final (??) version of general 2010 goal

December 18th, 2008

Based on Tuesday’s discussion, I settled on keeping the goal itself general, not specific to Mozilla, and then refering to Mozilla specifically in some of the subpoints.

Goal: Make openness, participation and distributed decision-making more common experiences in Internet life.

  • More and stronger Mozilla communities practicing these values
  • Mozilla experiences increasingly applicable to topics such as the open web, hybrid social enterprises, organizational sustainability, shared decision-making, individual control, and portability in Internet life
  • Innovations emerge from varied sources
  • Projects and products based on these values — at Mozilla and elsewhere — become increasingly vibrant
  • Leadership through excellence, technical and otherwise
  • Creation of open content becomes easier

Another (!!!) revision to Firefox 2010 goal

December 18th, 2008

When i went to finalize the Firefox goal for 2010 I realized it feels wrong, and in much the same way the “Mozilla as centerpiece” goal felt wrong.  (The current proposal is Reinforce Firefox mindshare and marketshare momentum). Mindshare and marketshare — and Firefox — are not ends in themselves. They are means to an end. So I’d like to restate this goal as:

Reinforce Firefox’s role as a driver of innovation, choice and great user experience

We probably need mindshare and marketshare momentum to accomplish  this. But having momentum isn’t the end goal. It’s what we do with that momentum that matters.

Let me know if this feels odd to you. This is a case where I’m going to take silence as a sign of agreement (or exhaustion 🙂 )

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